Obszar: Olomoucký kraj | Powiat: Jeseník | Miasto: Zlaté Hory | Miejsce: Zlaté Hory | Góra: Jeseníky

Ubytování Na Faře

Horní údolí pokój w domu 33, 79376 Zlaté Hory 6.12 km od centrum Zlaté Hory
Pojemność 10 miejsc do spania
Noclegi od 144 Kč
Obecný "Four reasons why you must have accomodatin in Vicarage:
- History
- beautifull environment
- calm and piece
- it stays in your mind forever

Accomodation In Vicarage is one of the best possibility, which you can do for your own. For guests offer a big kitchen with freeze, kitchen-stove, microwave, dishes, few living and bed rooms, bath with shower and WC, 2 of rooms has TV and every rooms has nice furniture. One thing what you need is ticking or you can lend it for same extra money.There are washing-machine and central heating, which you find in vault In Vicarage. From the vault or side entrance you can go in the garden. This one is clean and 1000 m2 large, you can broil there.

In the last it was place where live vicars but today vicars don't live here and it became place for accomodation."
Lůžka double and three-beds rooms
Volný čas "The Vicarage offer in summer a lot of places for tourists, cycling traces. And for people, who like picking up blueberries and mushrooms it is good place too. In winter you can use ski slope with middle difficulty. Accomodation In Vicarage have own park place behind the house. The nearlest shop is maybe 8 km, two pubs are near the house.
If you want to visit same calm and piece without houseowner, the Vicarage is what you find :)
Bus connect: 100, over the bilding
Train connect: 7 km, Gold Moutains."
Aktualizacja dnia: 20.12.2016
Ubytování Na Faře
GPS: 50.2167469,17.3516590
Adres: Horní údolí pokój w domu 33, 79376 Zlaté Hory
Telefon: +420 736 627 233

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