Hotel Fran

Kopanice Hausnummer 290, 02356 Makov km vom Stadtzentrum entfernt Makov
Kapazität 50 Betten
Unterkünfte von 15 EUR

Boarding: breakfast, half board, full board. The part of the hotel is the restaurant for 40 people, where we served delicious domestic meals. It is opened from 8:30 a.m. till 9 p.m.

Sanitary facility: own in the room.

Description of the lodgings: The hotel is situated amost on the peak of Velký Javorník, at 1000 m above the sea level.
Our hotel has 50 beds, from that 19 double bedrooms (with possibility of extra-bed for child) and 3 four bedrooms (two are in the attic). Each room has one ´s own sanitary facility (WC, a shower-bath, basin).
Guests can use a covered pool (9x7 m), a sauna for 15 people, a common room with TV, an outside terrace with view to Beskydy, fire-place, grill, a wine-cellar, table football, biliards, a bar (from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m.).
There are good conditions for cycling, skiing, cross-country skiing, yoging.

Schools in nature:This area is suitted for schools in nature, because there are healthy woods, meadows, a lot of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and mushrooms. It obtained the statut of climatic spa by the Ministry of health, also the place is suitable for cure of various ilnesses.

Cena v mimosezóně je stejná jako v hlavní sezóně.

15,70 €/osoba/noc  
2,50 €/snídaně  
5,50 €/polopenze 
8,50 €/plná penze  
Možno platit i v českých korunách v přepočtu aktuálního kurzu  

Sleva by phone agreement, discount for extra-beds, etc.
Lůžka 19x double bedroom with extra-bed, 3x four bedroom
Aktualisiert am: 20.10.2013
Hotel Fran
GPS: 49.326045,18.376129
Adresse: Kopanice Hausnummer 290, 02356 Makov
Telefon: +421 414 364 151
Mobil: +421 918 890 517

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