Grafschaft: Jihomoravský kraj | Kreis: Břeclav | Stadt: Moravská Nová Ves | Ort: Moravská Nová Ves

U Terezy a Jakuba

Hliník 69155 Moravská Nová Ves 0.92 km vom Stadtzentrum entfernt Moravská Nová Ves
Kapazität 19 Betten
Unterkünfte von 300 Kč
Obecný "Boarding:without boarding.
Sanitary facility:3x sanitary facility.
Description of the lodgings: We offer accommodation in two restored wine-cellars, which are connected. They are located in the community Moravská Nová Ves, near by the town Hodonín.


Accommodaiton:In the ground floor there are stylish sitting and space for bikes. Steps go to the floor, where is a common room (with a fire-place, a sofa, table, two beds, TV, radio) and a kitchen (with a cooker, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee-machine, a fridge). In this floor there is a sanitary facility and an entrance to the covered sitting with grill. From this floor go the next steps to the attic, where are six beds.

We offer pleasant sitting in the stylish background with the capacity 35 people. We ensure cimbalom music, dinners, etc. You have choice of several types of white and red wines (we produce Frankovka, Veltlín, Miller Thurgau, Zweigeltrebe, Adré, etc.).



Accommodation:In the ground floor there is a common room with TV and a fully equipped kitchenette (with a fridge, a microwave, a kettle, a cooker, etc.). From this rooms is the entrance to the wine-cellar and steps to the 1st floor, where are two double bedrooms with one ´s own sanitary facility. In the upper floor there is disposable five-bedroom.

Wine-cellar:is in the same style as the wine-cellar Teresa.

Parking : in the front of the object.
Cena v mimosezóně je stejná jako v hlavní sezóně.

300 Kč/osoba/noc, více nocí možná sleva

Sleva "Wine-cellar: aktion for 5-40 people:
degustation cca 5€/person
degustation witht lecture + refreshment cca 9€/person
degustation witht lecture + refreshment + dinner from 12€/person
cimbalom music cca 78€

by phone agreement
Lůžka 1x apartment (2+6 people), 2x double bedroom, 1x five bedroom, possibility of extra-beds
Aktualisiert am: 24.06.2014
U Terezy a Jakuba
GPS: 48.8106590,17.0081670
Adresse: Hliník 69155 Moravská Nová Ves
Telefon: +420 518 359 638; +420 721 732 563
Fax: +420 518 359 638

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