Grafschaft: Prešovský | Kreis: Poprad | Stadt: Štrbské Pleso | Ort: Štrbské pleso | Berg: Vysoké Tatry - Smokovce, Štrbské pleso...

Hotel Toliar

Štrbské Pleso Hausnummer 21, 05985 Štrbské Pleso km vom Stadtzentrum entfernt Štrbské Pleso
Kapazität 120 Betten
Unterkünfte von 29 EUR
Obecný Boarding:full board.
Sanitary facility:own in the room.
Description of the lodgings: The Hotel Toliar is situated in the beautiful background in the High Tatra, in the tourist centre Štrbské Pleso.
We offer accommodation in restored double bedrooms with possiblity of extra-beds and in family rooms. Each room has one ´s own sanitary facility and TV.
Guests can use pool, massage bath, sauna, massages. The depository of bikes, skis and skates lies by the hotel. Guests can visit the pub Horolezec of Internet coffee-room (with biliard, table football, darts) and spend there nice times with friends. In the hotel there is sport-shop, florist, exchange-office, groceries.
The hotel is suitable for individual or family recreation, schoolings, relax stayings.
We ensure visiting of the National Part Pieniny and the sluice-gate Dunajce with the lunch and visiting the others historic sights in this area.
We cooperate with the company PARK SNOW, also we offer attractive 7 days staying in the hotel with 7x accommodation with half board, 6x daily skipass valid in all ski-resorts of the company Park Snow in the High Tatra and 6x visit of the hotel relax centre.
        Typ izby                                                          JESEŇ 30.9.- 23.12.2012       
2-posteľová izba/2 osoby        58,-- €
Prístelka        13,-- €
štúdio/2 osoby        66,-- €
Rodinná izba alebo štúdio/4 osoby        92,-- €
Typ izby                                                               Vianoce 23.12.-27.12.2012
2-posteľová izba/2 osoby        68,-- €  
Prístelka        17,-- €
štúdio/2 osoby        76,-- €
Rodinná izba alebo štúdio/4 osoby        110,-- €
Minimálna dĺžka pobytu 3 noci  
Typ izby                                                              SILVESTER  27.12. - 02.1.2013              
2-posteľová izba/2 osoby     90.00 €
Prístelka     20.00 €
štúdio/2 osoby     98.00 €
Rodinná izba alebo štúdio/4 osoby      138.00 €
Minimálna dĺžka pobytu 5 nocí  
Povinný silvestrovský príplatok 50,--/osoba  
Typ izby                                                                Nový Rok 2.1. - 10.1.2013                 
2-posteľová izba/2 osoby    90.00 €
Prístelka    20.00 €
štúdio/2 osoby    98.00 €
Rodinná izba alebo štúdio/4 osoby   138.00 €
Minimálna dĺžka pobytu 5 nocí  
Typ izby                                                    Zima  10.01. -  28.3.2013            
 2-posteľová izba/2 osoby    70,-- €
 Prístelka    17,-- €
 štúdio/2 osoby    78,-- €
 Rodinná izba alebo štúdio/4 osoby    112,--€

Sleva 10 - 20% for travel agencies, 10% for regular guests. For travel agencies we offer possibility of ordering the accommodation by system ad-hoc (on call). We provide discounts for big groups, mainly out of the season.
Lůžka 38x double bedroom with extra-bed, 7x double bedroom, 1x single bedroom, 6x apartment of family type (2 bedrooms)
Aktualisiert am: 24.04.2013
Hotel Toliar
GPS: 49.1190499,20.0590665
Adresse: Štrbské Pleso Hausnummer 21, 05985 Štrbské Pleso
Telefon: +421 524 781 011 , +421 524 781 012 , +421 524 492 690
Fax: +421 524 492 193