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Penzion Montana

Zdoňov номер дома 74, 54957 Teplice nad Metují 3.99 км от центра Teplice nad Metují
Емкость 17 спальных мест
Размещение от 400 Kč
Obecný "Boarding:a kitchenette is available.
Sanitary facility:own in the room.
Description of the lodgings: Montana is situated 2 km from the Adršpachy ´s rocks. It lies in the quiet pleasant background, enough far away from the main road.
The pension is the restored peasant outhouse.
We offer accommodation in double bedrooms with one ´s own sanitary facility (WC, a bathroom). Each room (room – 1, room – 2, room – 3) has own kitchen nook with a fridge, a kettle, dishes and a microwave. The room 4 is the bigger apartment with own kitchen and is suitable for family with children.

ROOM 1 – double bedroom with one ´s own bathroom and WC. Possibility of two extra beds. The room has two windows to the east. It is suited for family with children.
ROOM 2 - double bedroom with one ´s own bathroom and WC. The room has two windows to the east. It is suitable for couple.
ROOM 3 – the apartment consists of two rooms. The 1st room has two beds, also it is suited for parents and the 2nd for their children. The apartment has one ´s own bathroom and WC. In each room there is a roof window to the south. The whole apartment is suited for family with children.
ROOM 4 – the complete apartment with one ´s own bathroom, WC, a kitchen (65 m2). There is five beds and possibility of extra-bed. The kitchen is fully equipped with own dishes, a fridge, a cooker and a microwave.
Next service: You can practice various activities in the near surroundings – climbing (training from 23€/whole day), cycling (from 6€/lending of bike/day), walking, bathing, horse-riding (from 5€). You can take your favorite films on VHS cassettes and we project it to you in our summer cinema.
For more information and reservation call to the number 603 165 256 or make your reservation by email!
Parking: in the front of the object.
Cena v mimosezóně je stejná jako v hlavní sezóně.

400 Kč/ osoba/ noc  
200 Kč/ bytování dětí do 2 do 10 let - vlastní postel/ noc  
50 Kč/ dítě do 2 let/ noc  
15 Kč/ den/ rekreační poplatek
Sleva "FREE - ticket to the Adršpachy ´s rocks
- trekking Himalaya, trekking and trips to South America, trekking and safari in Africa and the Baffin ´s island
- Montana supports trekking, kept tracks for cross-country skiing in the area of Adršpachy and Teplice nad Metují during winter.

Children under 2 yeas without requirement for services – free.
Lůžka 2x double bedroom, possibility of 2 extra-beds, 1x apartment for 2+2 people, 1x apartment for 5 people, possibility of extra-beds
Обновлено дня: 22.10.2014
Penzion Montana
GPS: 50.6253150,16.1434664
Адрес: Zdoňov номер дома 74, 54957 Teplice nad Metují
Мобильный телефон: +420 603 165 256

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