Metro: Královéhradecký kraj | Район: Trutnov | Город: Pec pod Sněžkou | Место: Pec pod Sněžkou | Гора: Krkonoše

Bouda Svornost

Na zahrádkách номер дома 35, 54221 Pec pod Sněžkou 2.54 км от центра Pec pod Sněžkou
Емкость 45 спальных мест
Размещение от 500 Kč
Boarding:without boarding/breakfast/half board/full board. The boarding proceed like full pension or half board. Food begins in a first day (dinner) and ends in leaving day (breakfast).
Sanitary facility:own in the room.
Description of the lodgings: The stay in the shanty Svornost is an ideal place for sporting holiday, it is situated at the top of hillside and at the same time in skiing area Zahrádky 1100 m above the see level.
Guests can use a dining room with television, a restaurant, a terrace with an outside snack bar, table tennis, darts and snooker, an outside pool, an ice-rink. There is a possibility to lend a TV.
You can take pets with you after an arrangement (for charge).
In the rooms is smoking prohibited. Smoking is free only in reserved places.
Parking: Summers - parking is right at cottage, (after telephone arrangement). In winter season, there is a parking place in central park car P4-Zelený potok in Pec pod Sněžkou. The transport of luggage from car park is in the charge of stay. Visitors, they can go out by ski lift or they can use a SKI TAXI.
  zima léto
dospělý/ noc/ s polopenzí 930 Kč 550 Kč
děti 10 - 15 let 780 Kč 450 Kč
děti 6 - 10 let 690 Kč 400 Kč
děti 3 - 6 let 530 Kč 340 Kč
děti 1 - 3 roky 280 Kč 240 Kč


Volný čas Summers activities: The region is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Our house is an ideal starting point for hiking, and for mountain biking, (for ski runners in winter season).
Winter activities: The chalet is located at the top of ski lift Zahrádky. In the vicinage -(300 m away), they are starts of four ski lifts The night skiing is in running until 21 hour. In front of the shanty is a childish ski lift. The course of skiing is available. The visitors can lend sporting equipment after arrangement with instructor.
Bus stop: Pec pod Sněžkou
Train station: Svoboda nad Úpou or Trutnov, from here by public service bus.
Обновлено дня: 09.10.2016
Bouda Svornost
GPS: 50.676745,15.717891
Адрес: Na zahrádkách номер дома 35, 54221 Pec pod Sněžkou
Телефон: +420 499 896 317; +420 603 496 122
Факс: +420 499 896 317

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