Obszar: Jihočeský kraj | Powiat: Český Krumlov | Miasto: Frymburk | Miejsce: Frymburk | Góra: Šumava

Pension Markus

pokój w domu 11, 38279 Frymburk 0.33 km od centrum Frymburk
Pojemność 24 miejsc do spania
Noclegi od 493 Kč
Obecný "
Boarding: The breakfast and boarding is possible at own restaurant (open day-long).
Sanitary facility:own in the room.
Description of the lodgings: The pension is situated in the nice small town Frymburk, which lies ashore of Lipenská dam, in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest.
The pension Markus with all the year activity is suitable for private and family recreation, company presentations, trainings and other. The lodgings are at the apartments or at several rooms. Each of apartments and rooms has one’s own social facilities (WC, shower bath) and the TV/SAT.
There is available a schooling room with 30 seats.
Guests can use sittings on the summer terraces, one of them with a view onto square and the second is situated at the restful part of the pension.
We’ll provide to you the trips around the surroundings, visits of the strongholds and castles, lend a sailboat etc.
You can take a pet with you for a fee 2-3€.

Parking: Parking is right at the object. Guest can use a garage (bikes and motorcycles).
    mimo sezonu červenec, srpen
a 26. 12. - 2. 1.
Dvoulůžkový pokoj   1280 Kč 1480 Kč
Třílůžkový pokoj   1780 Kč 1980 Kč

 Cena za pokoj/ noc/ se snídaní.

Sleva on sides of the pension
Lůžka 4x double bed room, 3x apartment
Aktualizacja dnia: 04.05.2016
Pension Markus
GPS: 48.6610529,14.1664428
Adres: pokój w domu 11, 38279 Frymburk
Telefon: +420 380 735 418; +420 602 696 798

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