Metro: kraj Vysočina | Район: Třebíč | Город: Třebíč | Место: Třebíč | Гора: Českomoravská vrchovina

Hotel Zlatý kříž

Karlovo náměstí номер дома 13/19, 67401 Třebíč 0.08 км от центра Třebíč
Емкость 77 спальных мест
Размещение от 480 Kč
Boarding: the restaurant Kleopatra – breakfasts, lunches, dinners, a separated lounge for 40 people, a winter garden, a summer outside terrace – possibility of grill.
Sanitary facilities: rooms with WC and shower bath
Description of lodgings: The hotel Zlatý Kříž is situated on the lower part of the Carl ´s square in Třebíč, which is the third biggest square in Czech Republic. Visitors can find here lot of shops and restaurants, pizza parlours and wine-bars. Interested people can visit concerts, dramatic performances, cinema, expositions and art galleries. The total information you can obtain at the information centre on the square.
The hotel offers lodging at 18x double bedroom, 3x four bed room with possibility of extra bed, 1x apartment, their windows look out on the square or on Judaic town and a castle with Romanic-Gothic St. Prokop’s Basilica, (the UNESCO monuments). The various rooms are furnished with stylish furniture. Each of rooms has one’s own sanitary facilities (separate bathroom with a shower bath and WC) and TV.
The part of the hostel is the restaurant Kleopatra. On the second floor you can visit the tea-room Babylon and in the evening spend nice-time at disco Florida. Next hotel services: fitness, whirpool a sauna, a pool, a massage-bath and a massage shower (guests have discount on these services), cosmetic, manicure, hairdresser, pedicure, aromatherapy, accounting and finance consultancy, etc. Guests can buy in the drug-store Rossmann.
Parking: The parking-site is situated on the square; it is guarded by camera system.
  pokoj/ noc pokojj noc/ se snídaní

 540,- CZK

 625,- CZK


 960,- CZK

1 130,- CZK


1 290,- CZK

1 545,- CZK


1 590,- CZK

1 930,- CZK

apartmá 2+2 osoby

1 990,- CZK

2 330,- CZK

Lůžka 18x double bedroom, 3x four bed room, 1x apartment
Обновлено дня: 12.10.2016
Hotel Zlatý kříž
GPS: 49.216434,15.880498
Адрес: Karlovo náměstí номер дома 13/19, 67401 Třebíč
Телефон: +420 568 840 843; +420 602 326 182
Факс: +420 568 840 843
Мобильный телефон: +420 602 326 182

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