Region: Jihočeský kraj | District: České Budějovice | Town: Týn nad Vltavou | Location: Týn nad Vltavou

Penzion Pod Kostelem

Puchmayerova number of descriptive 223, 37501 Týn nad Vltavou 0.09 km from city center Týn nad Vltavou
Capacity 20 beds
Accommodation from 400 Kč
Obecný Boarding: without boarding.
Sanitary facilities: rooms with WC and shower bath
Description of lodgings: The pension offers our guests the cosy rooms. All rooms have a fridge and TV. We can prepare the breakfast after an agreement. Guests can enjoy a wine room with extensive line of Czech, Moravian and foreign wines. The pension can also help you cater for your next social or business functions, private celebrations and any other meetings. In summer, you can sit out on a terrace; you can enjoy open – air barbecue using the tables and chairs outside. The lending office (bikes, boats and a water pedal) will be ready summers 2004.
Parking: We have one’s own car park right in front the pension.

 1 osoba na dvoulůžkovém pokoji

 500,00 Kč

 2 osoby na dvoulůžkovém pokoji

 800,00 Kč

 3 osoby na třílůžkovém pokoji

 1 200,00 Kč

 4 osoby na čtyřlůžkovém pokoji

 1 600,00 Kč

Snídaně 80 Kč. 

Sleva by agreement - for group of a lot of people and long-term accomodation
Lůžka 2x double bed room, 1x three bed room, 1x apartment (2x double bed room)
Volný čas The pension Pod Kostelem is situated in Týn nad Vltavou. Cultural self-realization: In the city take place lot of cultural action, theatre performance if you like a musical programmes. Many interesting places are situates in surroundings. Guest can visit a revolving amphitheatric, which is part of the open-air theatre situated at Bedřichových gardens. The baroque fountain, a dominant object situated on the square, formerly served as the only source of water.
Sporting activities: Some of the activities that you van enjoy include playing of golf, water sports in a river Vltava, cycling and walks. The cycling path goes along the river. The seat of the golf - club is right at the pension. We can arrange a schooling including the instructor after an agreement. The training of the basic golf - whips it can be practise in a meadow at point. The golf course with 9 holes is in Bechyně, but also in Hluboká nad Vltavou. Good conditions for cross-country skiing in winter season.
Bus stop: Coach station in Týn nad Vltavou (700 m)
Train station: Týn nad Vltavou (1 km)
Updated on: 12.05.2016
Penzion Pod Kostelem
GPS: 49.223277,14.418557
Address: Puchmayerova number of descriptive 223, 37501 Týn nad Vltavou
Phone: +420 602 435 366

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