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Region: kraj Vysočina | District: Jihlava | Town: Jihlava | Location: Jihlava | Mountain: Českomoravská vrchovina

Hotel Gustav Mahler

Křížová number of descriptive 4, 58601 Jihlava 0.28 km from city center Jihlava
Capacity 79 beds
Accommodation from 600 Kč
Obecný Boarding: breakfast, half board, full board
Sanitary facilities: I. category – own in the room, II. Category – sheared on the floor.
Description of lodgings: The cosy three stars hotel Gustav Mahler is situated only several minutes from the centre of Jihlava. The rooms of I. category have TV/SAT, phone with direct vote and a radio alarm-clock; the sanitary facilities include WC and a bath room with a shower bath or a bathtub. Next rooms (II. Category) have shared sanitary facilities on storey. For guest is disposable a sauna and fitness. Out of standard services the hotel offers next social or business functions, weddings, seminars and any other meetings. There is fully equipped convention hall (230 people), two fraters for 30 and 100 people, the lounge (25 and 40 people), a garden and also washing and ironing of clothes, the room service and other. Guest are encouraged to visit the surroundings tourist attractions or tennis courts, squash, fitness, massage and solarium.
Parking: The lockable parking-site and garages are inside of the hotel area.
Jednolůžkový pokoj 1 590 Kč
Dvoulůžkový pokoj  1 950 Kč
Třílůžkový pokoj 2 150 Kč
Prezidentské apartmá  3 900 Kč
Apartmá - 1 osoba 2 590 Kč
Apartmá - 2 osoby 2 790 Kč
Apartmá - 3 osoby 2 910 Kč
Apartmá - 4 osoby 3 030 Kč
Další položky
Domácí zvíře 250 Kč

Uvedené ceny jsou včetně snídaně. 

Sleva It is possible to ask for indivudual price deduction. Pets/from 8€/night.
Lůžka I. category – 29x double bedroom, 2x apartment for 2-4 people, 5x possbility of extra-beds
II. category – 5x double bedroom, 1x triple bedroom, bedroom without barrier
Volný čas "Cultural self-realization: The town reserve was established in 1951 (a new wording in 1982).Inside of historical centre there is situated just about 213 of sights; 70 of these of first-degree sights - for instance: the church of St. Ignacio from Loyola, church of St. Jacob Větší, the monument of royal vow, the fortification and the Jewish cemetery. The catacombs: The underground in Jihlava is a significant building monument of the town. The total length is 25 km, the area is 50 000 m2. The square with extent of 36 653 m2 is one of the biggest squares in Czech Republic.
Sporting activities
: The sports hall, aqua-centre, fitness and sauna. In winter months visitors can use several downhill tracks and prepared cross-country skiing tracks in surroundings.
Bus stop: Masarykovo square 150 m away
Train station: Jihlava 1 km away."
Updated on: 11.10.2016
Hotel Gustav Mahler
GPS: 49.3979692,15.5905252
Address: Křížová number of descriptive 4, 58601 Jihlava
Phone: +420 567 564 400
Fax: +420 567 320 507
Mobil: +420 602 525 490

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