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Region: Moravskoslezský kraj | District: Opava | Town: Vítkov | Location: Vítkov

Rekreační a školící zařízení Podhradí

Podhradí number of descriptive 2016, 74901 Vítkov 3.24 km from city center Vítkov
Capacity 43 beds
Accommodation from 360 Kč
Obecný Boarding: breakfast, half board, full board; the kitchenette is disposable
Sanitary facilities: rooms with WC and shower bath.
Description of lodgings: The recreational centre is situated in exquisite valley just about 100 m far off from the river.
All rooms come equipped with one’s own sanitary facilities and TV. Guests can also use the kitchenette, a bar and a common room with TV.
The hotel is able to cater for parties, social functions, seminars and all kinds of meetings.
The standard way of food is a half board; it is possible to choose other way of boarding after an agreement. There is a restaurant in the precinct; Visitors can enjoy open-air sitting on terrace with a beautiful view in to the countryside. In summer you can sit under a pergola and try to roast some speciality on the fire place.
You also can borrow the bike. The stay is suitable for family recreation and weekend staying.
Parking: Parking is on the reserved place.
Ceny ubytování včetně DPH (15 %) platné od 15. 5. 2015
Osoba/noc 240,00 Kč (209,00 Kč bez DPH)
Apartmá/noc 1 007,00 Kč (876,00 Kč bez DPH)
Ceny pronájmu včetně DPH (21%) platné od 1. 3. 2013
Školicí místnost / 1den 1 080,00 Kč (892,60 Kč bez DPH)
Audiovizuální technika / 1 den 360,00 Kč (297,50 Kč bez DPH)

Zaměstnancům České pošty, s.p., je na rekreační pobyt v tomto vybraném rekreačním zařízení poskytován příspěvek z centralizovaných prostředků FKSP.

Lůžka 4x double bed room, 3x three bed room, 4x four bed room, 1x five bed room, 4-8 bed apartment
Volný čas
Cultural self-realization : The object is located in broken terrain of Vítkovská highlands, which belongs to the complex of Nízký Jeseník chain of mountains. The ruin of the stronghold Vikštejn and the valley of the Moravice River can be considered as a dominant of the country that were integrate into nature park in the year 1992. Many splendid tourist routes for walking and bikers are situated round. Good conditions for bathing, fishery and mushroom picking in near woods.
Bus stop: Podhradí (70 m
Train station: Vítkov (6 km)
Updated on: 23.11.2016
Rekreační a školící zařízení Podhradí
GPS: 49.8021466,17.7713317
Address: Podhradí number of descriptive 2016, 74901 Vítkov
Phone: +420 556 316 390; +420 556 316 392; +420 556 300 211
Fax: +420 556 300 825

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