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Region: Moravskoslezský kraj | District: Ostrava-město | Town: Ostrava | Location: Ostrava

Hotel Isora

Antošovická number of descriptive 11, 71100 Ostrava 3.65 km from city center Ostrava
Capacity 56 beds
Accommodation from 935 Kč
Obecný Boarding: breakfast
Sanitary facilities: rooms with WC and shower bath.
Description of lodgings: The hotel Isora*** is situated in Ostrava-Koblov, Antošovická street, just about 5 minutes far from the centre of the town Ostrava by car. The border check point Bohumín - Chalupki to Poland is accessible by the road No.58.
All rooms are equipped with colour TV/SAT, phone, comfortable bath room and WC. The apartments have the bathtub with water clarification (massage). The hotel offers a saloon (25 chairs) suitable for various social gatherings. The special offer for newly married. They can spend the Wedding Night (free) at the hotel’s apartment after the wedding reception in our restaurant.
The hotel offers a restaurant with 70 places and a pleasant tearoom. We offer an extensive line of domestic meals and foreign specialties and drinkables. We are able to prepare for you more different specialties of your choice. In summer on Fridays, you can enjoy open-air barbecue using the tables and chairs outside (40 places are available). The beer bar (for 45 people) with billiards and gaming machines is the part of the restaurant. We accept the meal ticket at our restaurant (Menu Servis, Sodexho Pas). You may use a credit card: VISA, EuroCard, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, American Expres and DC.

Parking: Reserved and guarded hotel parking-site.
Část A - Standard
Pokoj Vybavení Ceny za pokoj
- pro
1 osobu
Jednolůžkový Sprcha, WC, TV 799,- Kč -
Dvoulůžkový Sprcha, WC, TV 945,- Kč 860,- Kč
Třílůžkový Sprcha, WC, TV 1.245,- Kč 860,- Kč
Apartmá Sprcha, WC, TV 995,- Kč 860,- Kč


Část B - Lux
Pokoj Vybavení Ceny za pokoj
- pro
1 osobu
Jednolůžkový Sprcha, WC, TV 945,- Kč -
Dvoulůžkový Sprcha, WC, TV 1.295,- Kč 1.045,- Kč
Dvoulůžkový Hydromasážní vana, WC, TV 1.395,- Kč 1.145,- Kč
Apartmá Hydromasážní vana, WC, TV 1.795,- Kč 1.345,- Kč


Přistýlka 295,- Kč
Zvíře: 120,- Kč
Sleva "from 9€/extra-bed
from 4€/pet
Lůžka 1 - 3 bedrooms, 10 apartments
Updated on: 11.10.2016
Hotel Isora
GPS: 49.873868,18.283757
Address: Antošovická number of descriptive 11, 71100 Ostrava
Phone: +420 596 239 502
Fax: +420 596 239 206
Mobil: +420 725 883 535

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