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50.4351238, 15.9723805

N 50°26'6.44568"
E 15°58'20.5698"

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Chlístov č.p. ev.č. 20, 552 05 Hořičky

+420 241 722 160
+420 241 722 160
Cell phone:
+420 604 257 653
+420 604 927 784

General description

Boarding:breakfast/ a kitchenette is available.
Sanitary facility:one´s own in the room.
Above standard and stylish accommodation:The building A 3x three bedrooms with sanitary facilities (WC, shower or bathtub), for max 10 people. On the ground floor is a fully furnished kitchen including a washing machine, a dishwasher, a microwave oven. There is a common room with a fire-place, a piano, TV/SAT, a video and an eating room. The building B3x apartments in the style Taiwan, Holland, Czech. The Taiwan apartment is suitable for 5 people, equipped with a mini kitchen, a sanitary facility + a bath, one bedroom, two extra beds, an eating corner, one big room, TV/SAT. The Holland apartment is for max 4 people, equipped with a sanitary facility, a mini kitchen, an eating corner, one big room, TV/SAT. In the ground floor of the building B there is a common room with a fire-place, where are served breakfast (3 EUR/person and supper (5 EUR/person). You can use the covered swimming pool, which is 10 m x 5 m x 1,9 m, heated with sunny collectors in the summer and by kettle in the winter. The fee for using the swimming pool is 2,5 EUR/person/day. The accommodation is suitable for a week´s stay and for weekend´s stay, company parties, wedding parties, family celebrations as well. Parking:in a closed court of the pension.


High season price

from 11€/ person/ night

Off season

from 9€/ person/night


2x three bedroom, 3x four bedroom, 2x double bedroom, 1x extra bed
Skupina serverů je budována na základě zkušeností získaných v projektu, který působí na trhu od roku 2003, a na jeho další rozvoj a podporu.