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50.0729349, 17.3070192

N 50°4'22.56564"
E 17°18'25.26912"

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 č.p. č.p.12, 793 24 Karlova Studánka

+420 554 772 014

General description

Boarding: breakfast/half board/full board.
Sanitary facility:a private in the room.
Description of the lodgings: All rooms are equipped with shower-baths, WC, TV and a phone. A pleasant sitting we offer in a smoker and non-smoker eating room with a nice kitchen and up standard choice of meals (world cuisine).
The part of the hotel is a fitness, a sauna and a whirling bath.
In the near of the hotel you find a ski lift, ski and tourist lines and tennis courts. For our clients we arrange spa procedures.


2 – 4 bedrooms, 1x apartment for (2+3 people)

Free time

The hotel Džbán is situated in the centre of the climatic spa Karlova Studánka.
Culture self-realisation: Karlova Studánka is the point, from which you can get to Praděd, Výr, Ovčárna, Petrovy kameny (stones) and to the valley of the Bílá Opava (White Opava). The spa was founded in the year 1785 on the place of the iron settlement Hubertov. The spa is known thanks the springs of ferrous acidulous water and mountain woody area. The spa buildings were built in classicist and empire style in the years 1803-1893. You find here a beautiful spa park with statues. Behind the restaurant Hubertus there is a synthetic waterfall.
Sport activities: In the winter there are suitable conditions for winter sports, 6 km Praděd – Ovčárna 6 ski lifts and ski slopes with various difficulties, regulated lines for cross-country skiing. To the top hill of Jesníky (Ovčárna - Praděd) goes a bus. A possibility of lending ski needs on the place. You can visit a swimming pool, a sauna in Bruntál (20 km) and Břidličná. In the near of the hotel (200 m) you find tennis courts. In the summer and winter season are here good conditions for tourist and cycling. The known waterfall of Bílá Opava are only 2 km from our pension far away. The nearest bathroom is in Vrbno p. Pradědem (7 km).
Bus connection: 50 m -Karlova Studánka.
Train connection: 8 km – Vrbno pod Pradědem.
Skupina serverů je budována na základě zkušeností získaných v projektu, který působí na trhu od roku 2003, a na jeho další rozvoj a podporu.