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50.0353548, 17.3076534

N 50°2'7.27728"
E 17°18'27.55224"

Sightseens nearby

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Kopřivná - Jeseníky
Distance: 1.86 Km
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Hradečná - Jeseníky
Distance: 3.96 Km
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Temná - Jeseníky
Distance: 4.09 Km
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Lázně Karlova Studánka
Distance: 4.24 Km

 č.p. 215, 793 36 Malá Morávka

+420 554 273 045
Cell phone:
+420 734 697 431

General description

Description of the lodgings: The rooms with a balcony are located in timber interior. The cottage has an eating room, a common room, bar and a brassiere with summer terrace. Housed guest can use a ski service room that serves in summer as a cycle store.
Boarding: Breakfast, half board and full board.
Sanitary facility:a shared .
Parking: Parking is right at the object easy accessible all the year round.


High season price

from 7€/person/night/breakfast
from 10€// person/night/half board
from 12€// person/night /full board

Off season

In the spring we pursue schools in nature. We have good experience with them. An accommodation 5 x board per day + drinks in prices: Nursery school - from 6€/
Primary school - 1. level from 7€/, 2. level from 7€.


14x five bed room, 4x three bed room, 3x double bed room, 1x apartment

Free time

The community Malá Morávka is situated 15 km away from the town Bruntál. It is the biggest ski resort in Czech Republic. Visitors can find here just about 36 ski lifts and many downhill courses of various difficulties. The known spa Karlova Studánka is 4 km away from our cottage. The ski resort Ovčárna, which lies at the foot of the highest top of Jeseníky Mountains - Praděd is 10 km away.
Winter activities: The nearest ski lift is 50 m far away and small ski lift for children is available too. By the cottage there are tracks for cross-country skiing.
Summers activities: Hiking, mountain biking and bathing. Guests can use a swimming pool heated with solar collectors. The pool for children is disposable too. You can play tennis on the asphalt tennis court. In summer guests can sit out t he fireplace. Whirligigs and swings for children are disposable.
Bus connection: The bus stop in Brunál is 50m away from our cottage.
Train station: Malá Morávka 2,5 km away.
Skupina serverů je budována na základě zkušeností získaných v projektu, který působí na trhu od roku 2003, a na jeho další rozvoj a podporu.